With our Ameireaganach series of American Single Malt Whiskies, we explore whiskey's frontiers, deriving inspiration from those pioneering spirits who have spent their lives forging into uncharted land.

We combine the ancient Scottish method of double-copper-pot distillation with the Southern innovation of grain-in distillation and finishes in various American white oak casks, then offer clarity into the composition of each release to provide you the opportunity to taste the immense flavor differences that slight changes in method & material often make.

The results speak volumes to what a union of tradition and innovation can accomplish -- beautiful whiskies with the complexity made possible by combining Old & New World styles and techniques. To our minds, then, what could be a more fitting name than the Scottish-Gaelic word for American: Ameireaganach.

How do you pronounce this most intimidating of Scottish-Gaelic words? It rhymes with "Harry Connick".